Refined CO2 Oil from Derived

Refined CO2 Oil from Derived



Refined Co2 oil is created by separating plant waxes and paraffin’s from the concentrate, resulting in a translucent and gold to amber viscous liquid. Because of the harsh separation process, some of the terpene and cannabinoid content is stripped from the material as well. The viscous consistency makes it perfect for use in discreet and easy to use vape cartridges, though it is readily accepted by all hash oil pens and dabbing rigs as well.  Refined oil can also be ingested to gain the benefits of the raw acid cannabinoids, or heated and used in the psychoactive neutral form. Refined oil typically contains 500 to 600 mg of acid cannabinoids per gram.


Product Description

Please consult with our budtenders for the best method of ingestion if you’re new to refined oil.