Bhang Crush Candy - Cherry

Hard Candy Crush from Bhang (Cherry)



Cannabis-infused edibles are a great way to medicate for many patients. They’re discreet, leave no smell, are long lasting, and chemically they offer a different effect from inhaling cannabis. Edibles are also how most THC overdoses occur, so it’s important to know the proper ways to use your edibles in maximizing their medicinal effects without over doing it.

200 mg of THC. When ingesting edibles please remember to go slowly.


Product Description

SWOP chose to work with Bhang because of their clean Super Critical CO2 extraction process. Leaving no chemical residue at all, this process pulls the active chemicals off the cannabis plant material and infuses them into their edibles. Bhang tests the CO2 oil after it is made to determine how much to put into each edible. The oil is also tested for microbial content to assure consumer safety. After producing the edibles they are tested once again to make sure the proper ratio is achieved. When you buy a Bhang chocolate bar or bag of hard candy, you know that the cannabinoid content listed on the packaging is exactly what you are getting. On top of that, Bhang are world class chocolatiers and their products are absolutely delicious.