Durban Poison (Sativa)

Durban Poison (Sativa)



THC%: 13.30  |  CBD%: 0.00  |  CBG%: 0.07

Health: May help with anxiety and depression.

Major Terpenes: Terpinolene and ocimene.

Effects: Calm, happy, euphoric and may be energetic.

SWOP’s Durban Poison (DP) has a pungent sweet and floral scent which is primarily caused by a rarer terpene called terpinolene. Terpinolene is present in lilacs, cumin, and tea tree oils, and is also the primary active molecule in turpentine. When scientists set out to find if terpinolene had any effects when inhaled, they found that mice exposed to inhaled terpinolene were notably sedated. Effects on mice are not always translateable to humans, but DP does have a calm effect compared to its THC content.

DP also has high levels of ocimene, the decongestant terpene we also see in our Bubba Kush. Ocimene and terpinolene make up the bulk of DPs terpenes, but there are also notable amounts of myrcene, caryophyllene, and both pinenes. This potent terpene mix gives DP an immediate expanding effect in the lungs, followed by a calm but happy and euphoric THC experience.

This can be a very useful strain for our patients dealing with daytime anxiety issues in low doses, as well as those suffering from depression. Though terpinolene is a sedative, it does not seem to make DP’s overall effect all that heavy. At higher doses DP can couch lock, but for most it seems to be calm, happy, and even a little energetic! Cerebral was a description shared by all reviewers of DP’s effects, which tend to stay in the head with little-to-no body effect.


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1.0 gram, 3.5 grams (1/8 oz), 7 grams (1/4 oz)