Cannatonic Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil from SWOP

Coconut Oil from SWOP



This is one of our most medicinal products for a huge array of symptoms and conditions. Infused coconut oil can be used topically, infused in baked goods, cooked with, mixed into drinks or absorbed sublingually. As usual we keep our coconut oils almost completely non-decarboxylated so that patients can ingest them raw to gain the benefits of cannabinoid acids like THC-A and CBD-A, or they can expose the oil to heat to decarboxylate and take advantage of the benefits of neutral cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

Patients who use it in the raw state will gain mostly anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits, and will be able to tolerate huge doses because THC-A and CBD-A do not produce psychoactive effects. It is best to use acid cannabinoids in a consistent, daily, very large amount to get the best benefit from them.


Product Description

OVERVIEW: Our coconut oils are done in a fairly cold process which does not decarboxylate the cannabinoid components, and terpene profile remain very close to the terpene profile of the raw bud used to make them. This means that these oils are dual use, they can be ingested as is to gain the awesome anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects of the cannabinoid acids, or they can be heated and decarbed to provide the psychoactive effects of neutral cannabinoids. 

SUGGESTED USE: Melt a half to whole teaspoon of coconut oil into a cup of tea. The heat of the hot tea will not be enough to further decarb the product, so this method will be rather non-psychoactive but you will still get the terpene and acid cannabinoid effects.

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Coconut Oil

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