Cannatonic (CBD-Rich Hybrid)

Cannatonic (CBD-Rich Hybrid)



THC: 3.10% | CBD: 6.40% | CBG: 0.00%

Health: May help with PTSD, pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, psychosis, spasms, seizures, and metabolism.

Major Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene.

Effects: Slightly sedative, clear-headed and mildly body-focused.

Cannatonic is one of our most useful medicinal tools that we have here, its high CBD content and low THC content combined with its awesome terpene profile make this medicine a great choice for a huge number of conditions and symptoms.

CBD can interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors exerting and regulatory effect on the normal flow of neurotransmitters from receptor to transmitter (cannabinoids flow backwards compared to other neurotransmitters). This means that if a certain receptor system is sending too much or too little neurotransmitters, CBD can help attenuate this and get the system back to normal. This is how CBD helps certain types of seizures and spasms, and how it can also play a role in symptoms of psychosis and depression.

THC on the other hand binds directly to the CB1 receptors, taking the place and job of the normal neurotransmitters. This can be useful as well, as THC can induce a euphoric, sedative, or stimulating effect that can be useful for other types of conditions such as PTSD and anxiety. Both work in concert together to provide the best of both worlds, making mixed ration strains like CT very useful and valuable. On top of the cannabinoids Cannatonic has a terpene profile heavy in myrcene, caryophyllene, and both pinenes. Myrcene and caryophyllene can each be useful for pain control, and pinene brings an energetic, clear headed and focused effect to the strain. These terpenes can interact with the available cannabinoids, in myrcene's case increasing sedation and felt potency, caryophyllene directs cannabinoids to the CB2 receptors for inflammation control, and pinene helps penetrate cell barriers and can interact with other receptors in the brain.

With this in mind, Cannatonic may be helpful to patients suffering from anxiety, psychosis, depression, inflammation, muscle pain, muscle spasms, seizures, fatigue and auto-immune disorders.



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