Purple Kush (Indica)

THC: 13.00% | CBD: 0.00% | CBG: 0.05%

Health: May be useful for many symptoms including anxiety, muscle pain, spasms, stress, and for some insomnia.

Major Terpenes: Myrcene with lesser amounts of ocimene, pinene, and linalool.

Effects: Powerful but calm and clear-headed, and conducive to medicating at any time of the day. Can be quite sedative in high doses.

Purple Kush (Indica) from Southwest Organic Producers (SWOP)

We are releasing a beautiful batch of Purple Kush (PK) today! PK is a longtime favorite that SWOP has been growing for a while now, and it easy to see why! PK has a wonderful earthy, floral, musky smell to it and a beautiful pale green color with hints of orange and purple.

That smell is mainly due to Myrcene followed by ocimene, alpha pinene, and caryophyllene. PKs predominant effect is the heavy body sedation from the myrcene, but this has to fight a bit with alpha-pinenes energetic and focused effect which ends up making PK a very calm but clearheaded strain that won’t necessarily trap you on the couch or send you to bed. It does make is a great option for daytime anxiety, PKs calm and happy effects can definitely help turn around a bad day!

PK has never been the heaviest producer of cannabinoids, and this batch is no exception to that rule at 14.20% THC. This can actually be beneficial though, as one of the most noted side effects of Delta 9 THC is increased anxiety and/or paranoia for some, and high doses seem to increase the odds of that happening. This means that our moderate THC content on PK may actually be better for our anxiety patients who won’t have to take a massive dose to still get relief.

May be helpful for anxiety, stress, and appetite.