Blue Dream (50/50 Hybrid)

THC: 17.90% | CBD: 0.03% | CBG%: 0.06%


HEALTH: Muscle pain, nausea, depression, stress, anxiety (in low doses) and ADHD for some.

TERPENES: Myrcene and pinene with smaller amounts of linalool, limonene, ocimene and caryophyllene.

EFFECTS: Calm, cerebral, creative, and very euphoric.

Blue Dream (50/50 Hybrid) by Southwest Organic Producers (SWOP)

SWOP’s Blue Dream (BD) has a musty, sweet, floral smell with a hint of blue berries and a very dense structure covered in trichromes. This strain is a great hybrid for day or nighttime use for anyone already accustomed to THC’s effects.

Blue Dream’s primary terpene is Myrcene, which will intensify the strains cannabinoid effect and add some sedation and muscle relaxation. It also has decent amounts of both pinenes, which may add some energy, focus and clear-headedness to the myrcene’s sedation. There are also small amounts of linalool, limonene, ocimene and caryophyllene to round off a slightly sedative-leaning terpene profile.

The reviews for Blue Dream indicate that is has a calm, cerebral, creative, and very euphoric effect that can wipe out stress, anxiety (in low doses), depression, muscle pain, nausea, and ADHD for some. With such a high THC content small doses are recommended as you fine-tune how it works with your medical conditions.

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