Ongoing Savings For All Our Valued Customers
Changes to Program

SWOP believes in fostering an ongoing relationship with our patients. Instead of a one-time gram or pre-roll at sign-up, SWOP offers a lifelong Patient Appreciation Program that gives each patient a $25.00 credit for every $500 spent. Here’s how it works:


  • Register with SWOP and you’re automatically enrolled
  • No punch cards, expiration dates, or secret decoders needed; we track it for you!
  • Every $500.00 spent (pre-tax), earns an in-store credit of $25.00. (Includes money spent on non-medicinal products)
  • Credit can be used on anything we have in stock during time of visit, not just medicine
  • Any SWOP team member can provide you with your credit tally
  • A pop-up message appears on your patient account once a $25.00 credit is earned
  • Credits are available for use on the visit after they are earned
  • Once credit is earned, please spend all $25.00
  • Only one $25 credit can be used per day
  • $25 Credit cannot be applied towards any sales items or Happy Hour Specials