On All Things Cannabis

The Doctor Next Door

Our neighbors, MedCan Consultants, are open Monday and Friday from 9AM-5PM and the first Saturday of the month (except for this SAT 4/1) from 9AM-2PM for patients seeking renewals, as well as people seeking to apply to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program for the first time.

Call to set up an appointment, visit them online or just stop by, walk ins are always welcome!

Has That Blue Dream Look To It

We had another “Guess That Strain” contest on Instagram yesterday. The winner’s comment was great. “Has that blue dream look to it.” Yes. Yes it does.

Who Likes Bubble Hash?!

If you’ve ever wondered how Bubble Hash is made, this behind-the-scenes video into the process is a good starting point…

Grow For Vets Donation Campaign

Their mission is to help save the more than 50 Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose by providing safe alternatives…

Current Product Menu

We’ve noticed both with ourselves as well as the other great shops around town that accessing a simple straight forward menu is not always an easy task. With that in mind…

Rooted Plants for Sale

First things first, we have some great news for all our patients with a Personal Production License (PPL)…

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