A sedative terpene

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that lend fragrance and medicinal effects to hundreds of plants, including cannabis. While choosing cannabis for your medicinal needs, pay attention to terpene analysis reports as well as the smell of the cannabis itself to help achieve the most effective results. Cannabis is known to produce more than 200 different terpenes, below is a sampling of those that show up regularly in cannabis.



AROMA: Musty, clove, earthy, sweet

USE FOR: Sleep, pain, anxiety

Myrcene has the ability to effect the permeability of cell membranes, meaning that it can cause cells to open up to cannabinoids and other terpenes. Myrcene is a sedative and powerful muscle relaxant.  It is responsible for making a strain sedative (indica) or non-energy producing (sativa). If a strain has more than 0.3% myrcene, chances are it will have an indica effect. If the myrcene content is under 0.05%, it will likely have an energetic sativa effect.