The medicinal flavors of cannabis

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that lend fragrance and medicinal effects to hundreds of plants, including cannabis. While choosing cannabis for your medicinal needs, pay attention to terpene analysis reports as well as the smell of the cannabis itself to help achieve the most effective results. Cannabis is known to produce more than 200 different terpenes, below is a sampling of those that show up regularly in cannabis.

These terpenes are responsible for the energetic effects historically associated with sativas.  They also have unique medicinal values for a range of ailments.

Neutral only in terms of energy, these terpenes have a wealth of medicinal value without the uplift historically associated with sativas, or the sedative effects associated with indicas.

The sedative effects associated with indicas are due primarily to these group of terpenes.  On top of their relaxing effects, they have a range of medicinal qualities for a range of ailments.