Happy Hour Monday - God Bud
God Bud - $10/g Reg. $12/g
Happy Hour Tuesday - Pre-Rolls
$4.20 Pre-Rolls/Strain Specific
Happy Hour Wednesday - Bhang Refined CO2 Cartridges
$5.00 Off Bhang Refined CO2 Cartridges
Happy Hour Thursday - Pre-Rolls
$4.20 Pre-Rolls/Strain Specific
Happy Hour Monday - Flo
Flo - $10/g Reg. $12/g

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 Medical Cannabis At SWOP 

At SWOP, in accordance with our mission to provide safe, quality medicine for our patients, we have always and will continue to test every harvest and every strain for THC, CBD and CBN potency, in addition to the less often tested microbiology; E-coli, salmonella, mold, and yeast. All of our medicine is processed, packaged, and sealed in either mylar packaging or tamper-proof glass jars, under strict sanitary conditions. As a producer, we feel that testing and providing safe medicine is our greatest responsibility to our patients. We believe patients themselves have a right to the safe access of safe medicine and to know exactly what it is they are getting in their medicine.

Call for ordering and pricing information. Please login to place order online and view our complete inventory of Medical Cannabis Smokables, Edibles and Accessories. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Southwest Organic Producers

3504 Montgomery Blvd. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

(505)-884-8221 (505)-333-VAPE



Due to the implentation of the new State mandated tracking software as of Wednesday December 4th 2015, SWOP will no longer be able to accept Debit card payments. We are still able to process cards as Credit. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we hope this is temporary as we are working towards finding an alternative solution. Thank you for your understanding.

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns. ~SWOP~



RSO Cannatonic THC-20-8 CBD-42-43 CBC-2-09 19-99 half-gram Unrefined C02 Wax Mercury Kush THC-64-63 CBD-0-24 CBG-0-68Unrefined C02 Wax CPR THC-65-77 CBD-0-26 CBG-0-78

Unrefined C02 Wax Durban-Poison THC-65-28 CBD-1-08 CBG-2-06

Bhang Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Cannatonic 150mg-CBD 70mg-THC

Bhang-200mg THC Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa) Organic Dark Chocolate Bar $24.99







Bhang 200 Larry OG Cherry Crush


OG Kush Tincture THC-26-34 CBN-0-56 CBG-1-05

Durban Poison Tincture THC-26-6 THCA-6-8 THCV-1-3

CO2-Extracted-Vape-Cartridges-Caseys_Dog-(Hybrid-Sativa)-%THCA 49.5-THC9 %12.8-CBDA %0.2-$39.99

CO2-Extracted-Vape-Cartridges-Acapulco-Gold-(Hybrid-Sativa)-%THCA 53.8-THC9 %10.0-CBDA %0.2-$39.99 

CO2-Extracted-Vape-Cartridges-God-Bud-(Hybrid-Indica)-%THCA 54.6-THC9 %8.0-CBDA %0.3-$39.99



SWOP Strain Specific 0.5 gram Pre-Rolled Cones $5.99

Cuttings Available !! Call for price, strain and availability !!

Durban Poison: THC: %16.54, CBD: %0.04, CBG: %0.51

LSD THC-15-78 CBD-0-04 CBG-0-01

White Bubba Kush2 THC-19-31 CBD-0-08 CBG-0-33

Purple Kush THC-15-63 CBD-0-04 CBG-1-45 purple stroke

Bubba Kush THC-17-57 CBD-0-06 CBG-3-48

Larry OG THC: 15.88, CBD:0.03, $11/gram


Cannatonic THC4-19 CBD-10-40 CBG-0-38

Flo THC-16-11 CBD-0-04 CBG-0-00 5-12-2016 green stroke




 Call for ordering and pricing information. Please login to place order online and view our complete inventory of Medical Cannabis Smokables, Edibles and Accessories. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Southwest Organic Producers

3504 Montgomery Blvd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

(505)-884-8221 (505)-333-VAPE