Medical Cannabis At SWOP 

At SWOP in accordance with our mission to provide safe, quality medicine for our patients we always have and always will continue to test every harvest and every strain not only for THC, CBD and CBN potency, but for microbiology, E-coli, salmonella, mold, and yeast. In addition to testing, all of our medicine is processed, packaged, and sealed in tamper proof glass jars, all under strict sanitary conditions.We feel that as a producer testing and providing safe medicine is our greatest responsibility to our patients, and that patients themselves have a right to safe access to safe medicine and to know exactly what it is they are getting in their medicine.

Call for ordering and pricing information. Please login to place order online and view our complete inventory of Medical Cannabis Smokables, Edibles and Accessories. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Southwest Organic Producers

3504 Montgomery Blvd. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

(505)-884-8221 (505)-333-VAPE


As a reminder to our SWOP patients when visiting us here at SWOP please be mindful of our neighbors by respecting all traffic laws, speed limits and stop signs in the neighborhood and by abiding by all state laws concerning the safe and proper use of medicine.

New-Bhang-CO2 Extracted Purple-Kush-Indica-Chocolates-!!!

Hard Candy Now Available !!!!!!


CBD-Rich-Organic Milk-Chocolate-Bar-2-1-Ratio-CBD-150-mg-THC-70-mg-$34.99

Bhang-200mg THC Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa) Organic Dark Chocolate Bar $24.99



SWOP Strain Specific 0.5 gram Pre-Rolled Cones $5.99




Super-Lemon-Haze-(Sativa)-THC-%18.08-CBD-%0.30-CBN-%0.40 Sale Price $12.00 per gram (Reg. $14.00 per gram)

Acapulco Gold(Hybrid-Sativa)-THC-%16.31-CBD-%0.19-CBN-%0.17-Sale Price $13.00 per gram (Reg $14.00 per gram)

SWOP Canna3 Topical Alcohol Spray Pain Reliever and Muscle Rub $24.99








Bhang-200-mg-THC-Crush-Bayside Purple(Indica)-Green-Lemonade-Hard-Candy-$19.99


AK-47-(Sativa)-THC-%16.26-CBD-%0.18-CBN-%0.22 $12.00 per gram

Lemon-Sour-Diesel-(Sativa)--THC-%13.41-CBD-%0.19-CBN-%0.58 $12.00 per gram

Cannatonic (CDB Rich Hybrid)-THC-%04.69 CBD-%10.14 CBN 0.012 $12.00 per gram

Purple Kush (Indica)-THC-%10.98-CBD-%0.11-CBN-%0.62-On-Sale-$10.00-Per-Gram-(Reg.-$14.00 per gram




 Call for ordering and pricing information. Please login to place order online and view our complete inventory of Medical Cannabis Smokables, Edibles and Accessories. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Southwest Organic Producers

3504 Montgomery Blvd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

(505)-884-8221 (505)-333-VAPE